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Talkin’ Turkey
November 28, 2007
Right about now I’ve got turkey coming out of my pores. It’s been turkey omelets, turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, turkey noodle soup. I’m ready to grow wings. And I’ve been nodding off constantly, like a heroin addict, but it’s just tryptophan overload.

Good Night And Good Luck, Nando
November 24, 2007
The promoters originally dubbed the bout between Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga “For Pride.” But when that tag didn’t quite stick and the proposed September event at Staples Center in Los Angeles was postponed to last night, they went with “The Brawl.”

Nick Casal Falls From Grace
November 14, 2007
In a sport where there is little margin for error, prospect Nick Casal, 21, has fallen from grace faster than Milli Vanilla. It seems like yesterday that the now 16-2-1 (11) lightweight was undefeated and had the right backing, like manager Shelly Finkel, to guide him to the top.

Eddie Wins, Heavyweights Lose: The Sport’s Headline Weight Is in a Terrible State After Latest Bore
November 9, 2007
Although they were given the privilege of headlining ShoBox’s 100th telecast, neither “Fast” Eddie Chambers nor Calvin Brock did much to restore interest or faith in the ever-declining heavyweight division. Boxing fans are well-accustomed to disappointment when it comes to those north of 200 pounds.

Contender Graduates Gomez And Mora Featured On Espn Classic
October 26, 2007
Sergio Mora may have been the champion of the first season of The Contender, but for the time being, in the real contender sweepstakes, it is also-ran Alfonso Gomez who has taken the lead.

Pavlik Ushers In An Exciting New Era: King Kelly Climbs Off the Floor to Dethrone Taylor in a Memorable Middleweight Fight
October 5, 2007
Arturo Gatti need not worry. The house he built—Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ—is in good hands. Newly crowned WBC and WBO middleweight champion Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik just let himself in and unpacked his belongings.

Huerta-Hinojosa On Versus
September 9, 2007
It’s not too often in boxing that the right thing is done. The Versus channel, however, attempted to do just that when it hosted lightweight Miguel Angel Huerta for the second time in a little over two months.

Cut Denies Delvin His Due: New York Makes Wrong Call—Again
August 31, 2007
This recent card at the Paradise Theater in the Bronx was thin, even by the standards of a forgettable club show. So I was surprised when I learned that Friday Night Fights would be broadcasting this Joe DeGuardia (Star Boxing) special.

Mexico vs. Philippines on b.A.D.
August 18, 2007
Mexico was down 5-0 to the Philippines at Sacramento, California’s Arco Arena and really needed a big score, if only to save face. No, this wasn’t a football match but a boxing “World Cup” of sorts, where two super bantam title fights were featured on HBO’s Boxing After Dark.

Redemption Song: Vazquez Wins Back His Belt as he and Marquez Hit the Right Note Again in Their Rematch
August 10, 2007
The highly anticipated rematch between the two best super bantams in the world, Rafael Marquez and Israel Vazquez, was dubbed by many as “The Beginning of Round Eight.”

Super Castillo Schools Andrade: The Brilliant Little Man Keeps His Name in the Hat for a Big Fight
August 3, 2007
One of the fight game’s best technicians, super fly Martin Castillo, showed off his wares on Telefutura. It’s not often that boxing’s elite appear on this series, but when you weigh no more than a jockey, you do what you gotta do.

Green Blows Hot Again: Erratic Super-Middle Delivers This Time
July 27, 2007
Who is the real Allan Green?

Is it the explosive super middle who nearly beheaded a then-undefeated Jaidon Codrington in 18 seconds in 2005? Or is it the guy who was dropped and nearly stopped by journeyman Donny McCrary the following year?

The Heat Is On: Two Mexican Super-Feathers Survive 120-Degree Temperature to Stage a Cracking 10—Rounder
July 13, 2007
Jnr. lightweights Juan Carlos Salgado and Ivan Valle proved their toughness just by showing up as the main event on Telefutura’s recent broadcast from the Cliff County Casino in Camp Verde, Arizona.

oh baby, what were you doing!: Brilliant Prospect Yawns His Way to a Shocking Defeat
July 6, 2007
Maybe the jnr. welter prodigy Julio “Baby Face” Garcia ate some bad peas before his match with unheralded Troy Browning? Indeed, Friday Night Fight commentators Teddy Atlas and Joe Tessitore spent the majority of the 10-round main event at Miami’s Mahai Temple wondering what Julio’s problem was.

Cotto Takes Us Into Realms Of Fantasy: But This Was Real, and What a Fight As Miguel Finally Sinks an Heroically Brave Judah Before 20,000 Screaming Fans
June 15, 2007
“A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” --Napoleon

AS this country is embroiled in a war in Iraq, and with all of its appalling consequences, it’s wrong to liken a simple prizefight at Madison Square Garden to the real thing.

Monsoon Magic: A Compelling Fight That’s Nearly Washed Away
June 15, 2007
Friday Night Fights aired a card from Montreal’s Uniprix Stadium worthy of HBO’s Boxing After Dark. Actually, this card, featuring light welters Randall Bailey and Herman Ngoudjo, was more compelling than several B.A.D. cards that have been foisted upon us recently.

Hungry Like The Wolf: Two Fighters Who Actually Want to Fight
June 15, 2007
James “Mandingo” Kirkland is a compelling jr. middle that’s been getting invaluable exposure on ShoBox. Like his trainer Anne Wolfe, he’s built like a brick house and doesn’t take a backward step.

New Breland Delivers: Jacobs Makes Latest NY Golden Gloves a Little Bit Special…But Then They’re Special Anyway
June 10, 2007
The New York Daily News Golden Gloves is serious business. Serious business to the male and female boxers who enter the competition, ranging in age from 16 to 35, and 106 to 250+ in weight.

Ramirez-De Jesus On WNF
June 7, 2007
Before the 12-round main event began on Wednesday Night Fights, a short, heartbreaking documentary was shown about then 24-0 (16) featherweight Marcos Ramirez. His infant son Diego had died on January 20, 2006, and Ramirez and his wife spoke candidly about their unfathomable despair.

What A Disappointment: Soto Karass Fails to Live Up to Expectation
June 1, 2007
I’d been looking forward to seeing welter Jesus Soto Karass fight again. He brings a TV-friendly, aggressive style—one boxing writer dubbed him “Margarito Lite”; indeed, Jesus and Antonio are sparring partners.

Peterson Still On March
June 1, 2007
Any list of tomorrow’s champions must include Washington D.C.’s Peterson brothers, Anthony and Lamont. There’s virtually nothing not to like about these two, in or out of the ring. Their manager Shelly Finkel has kept them busy, and matched them intelligently, for the 32 months that they’ve been pro.

No Mora Please, Taylor-Spinks Stinks While Pavlik-Miranda Show Skill And Thrill
May 23, 2007
When I tuned into HBO Boxing Saturday night, my wife, who usually only joins me if I grovel and beg, gladly watched. She’s a major fan of Dancing with the Stars and finds fighting repulsive.

Wacky Cotto Loses His Cool But Gets Draw: Judges Rob Deserving Singwancha on a Wild Night in Puerto Rico
May 18, 2007
Jose Miguel Cotto, 29, has long fought in his younger brother Miguel’s shadow. And it doesn’t appear that he’ll be stepping outside of it anytime soon, if his recent performance on Telefutura from the Coliseo Angel Espada in Salinas, Puerto Rico, is any indication.

The New Golden Boy: And Danny Hasn’t Turned Pro Yet
May 11, 2007
“It’s a gift from God,” Danny Jacobs said while onlookers watched, mouths agape, as he shadow boxed in his barebones gym in Coney Island, Brooklyn. When describing his breathtaking talent—a boxer-puncher with equal parts power and grace—it doesn’t come off as braggadocio but as fact, as if he were simply telling you his height (6’0’’) or his current amateur record (131-4).

An Amazing Journeyman: Campas Makes Another Prospect Work So Hard to Win
May 11, 2007
Almost 20 years into his career and jnr. middle Yory Boy Campas is still a tough outing for all but a few. Just ask prospect John Duddy, who had to plumb the depths of his soul to earn the nod when they fought at Madison Square Garden last September.

It’s A Knockout: A Night When a Three-Rounder Is a Long Night
April 27, 2007
Telemundo aired a card from Miami, Florida’s Miccousukee Resort & Gaming that should’ve been billed “Nothing But Knockouts!” Of the eight fights that took place, four ended by first-round KO, another one was RTD 1, when a fighter refused to come out for the second; and yet another went as deep as the third before the opponent was violently dispatched.

Chicago’s My Kind Of Town: A Good Night’s Boxing at Cicero Stadium
April 27, 2007
When I think of boxing on Telefutura I think of Cicero, Illinois. It seems as if every third broadcast is televised from Cicero Stadium, a venue outside of Chicago. And when I think of quintessential Telefutura fighters, super lightweights Francisco Lorenzo and Cristobal Cruz fit the bill.

Godfrey The Goods: He’s Made Me a Believer
April 13, 2007
It’s official: cruiser Matt Godfrey is da goods. May the hype begin!

The now 15-0 boxer promised a toe-to-toe war against respected vet, and major step-up, Felix Cora, Jnr. Had he delivered on that, his stock would’ve risen markedly.

Danny Jacobs Rolls Through Golden Gloves Semis
April 6, 2007
Each year, when the semifinals of the New York Golden Gloves rolls around, the Electric Industry Center in Flushing, Queens hosts a night of boxing. It’s hands down my favorite Gloves venue.

Jhonny Still So Good: Mexican Featherweight Dissects Pacheco
April 6, 2007
Broadcast of Telefutura from Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson, AZ, Jhonny Gonzalez rebounded nicely from his brutal loss against Israel Vazquez last September. The Colombian Irene Pacheco wasn’t nearly as tough an opponent, but he’s no slouch.

The Upsetter: Feliciano Wrecks the Hope of Touted Welterweight Feliciano
March 30, 2007
Before his bout with Jesse Feliciano, the Dominican-American welterweight Delvin Rodriguez was on the short-list of fighters expected to take over the division once Shane,

Women On The March: Female Title Unification Battle Impresses
March 30, 2007
No matter where you come down on women’s boxing (and I confess to not being its greatest advocate), you have to admit they’ve come a long way. A triple-header aired on Fox Sport Net from Isleta Casino in Albuquerque, NM, was a case in point; the evolution the so-called gentler sex was on full display.

Easy For Evander In The Ring: Holyfield’s Latest ‘Fight’ Can’t KO the Controversy Going on Outside it
March 23, 2007
Did Evander Holyfield’s quixotic journey back to the heavyweight Promised Land become any more plausible by clobbering the limited, club-level bruiser Vinny Maddalone in Corpus Christi, Texas?

What A Compliment: Jose Luis Comes into the Ring to Rescue His Brother From Caballero
March 23, 2007
Super bantam Ricardo Castillo is not as well known as his big brother Jose Luis. But he fights a lot like him and, while perhaps not his equal, he’s no slouch. He was 27-3 (17) against respectable competition going into his recent Telefutura-televised bout at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino.

Marquez On The Cusp Of Greatness: Rafa Lifts a Second World Title as He Breaks the Nose and Will of Vazquez
March 9, 2007
Real fight fans know that the best things come in small packages. The highly-anticipated contest at Home Depot Center in Carson, CA between the premier 118-pounder, Rafael Marquez, and The Man at 122, Israel Vazquez, was seen as a possible Fight of the Year candidate as soon as the contracts were signed.

Ding-A-Ling Man Sounds Alarm Bell: Darnell Crushes Kelvin to Put Himself in Line for World Title Shot
March 9, 2007
I wish every main event on Friday Night Fights could be like this one held in hardscrabble Scranton, Pennsylvania. Darnell “The Ding-A-Ling Man” Wilson versus Kelvin “Concrete” Davis is a cruiserweight clash that virtually guarantees good TV.

This Sucks!: The Latest Top Rank Installment on Channel Versus Was Mediocre Fare
March 2, 2007
The Versus boxing series, which launched in 2006, has been a huge disappointment thus far. Let me be blunt: It sucks.

Invitation Only: Thanks Goodness for That!
February 23, 2007
The most recent installment of FNF from Wynn Resort in Las Vegas was a snoozer. The show opened with heavyweight hopeful Alonzo Butler and, as has been the case each time I’ve seen him on TV, the man with the size and the alleged big punch was flat.

Tip-Toe Through The Division: Tony Thompson Creeps Ever Closer to the Top, and This Guy’s for Real
February 23, 2007
Heavyweight contender Tony Thompson showed up at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills needing some big shoes to fill. Even though he was in the main event, he left his size 14 boxing shoes at home. Was the absence of apparel a subconscious gesture that “The Tiger” was less interested in fighting than feasting on surgically-enhanced bunnies in Hef’s notorious adult playground? Was he more focused on skinny dipping in the notorious Grotto?

Rocky Chews Up Game Lucero: Class Tex-Mex Gets Back in Groove
February 16, 2007
Featherweight Rocky Juarez had a stay busy fight on Telefutura against Emmanuel Lucero at the Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson, Arizona, while his manager Shelly Finkel plots bigger moves for the rest of the year. The former WBC Interim titlist ended the show via TKO at 1:05 of the 5th round.

Call It Quits, Teddy: A Plea After Seeing a Game-As-Hell Fighter Possibly Sit It Out
February 9, 2007
In a recent fight report, I suggested that welterweight Nurhan Suleymanoglu retire. I’m going to do the same for Teddy Reid, 35, who was KO’d at 1:14 of the fourth on Friday Night Fights’ main event at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT.

Blink And You Missed This: Dramatic End to Tedious Match
February 9, 2007
The long subway ride from the West Village (downtown Manhattan) to Fordham Road in the Bronx was not something I was looking forward to. It didn’t help matters that the goal of the trip was to see a card at the Paradise Theater featuring jnr. middleweights Terrence “Heat” Cauthen and Raul Frank.

Bruseles Hasn’t Sprouted Wings: He Is Still Second Division, but He Could Now Get WBO Shot
January 26, 2007
In February 2004, Puerto Rican jnr. welters Henry Bruseles and Wilfredo Negron put on some of the best back and forth action you’ll ever see on Telefutura. Although both fighters went down, it was the compact Bruseles who triumphed in the seventh session, knocking out the reed-thin Negron.

Old Baily Jury Still Out: Ex-Champ Has Made Changes After Realizing He Can’t Rely on Power Alone
January 26, 2007
It was cruel of ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights to show all that warm, sunny footage of Key West, Florida, when you’re watching from frosty New York and your radiator is on the fritz. Crueler still was to air such a paltry boxing card held at Mallory Square, with former two-time jnr.

Tomas The Little Tank: A Shoot-Out in Spanish
January 26, 2007
Telefutura sported a Mexican-Cowboy theme, with the announcers donning corny cowboy hats. The largely Latino crowd, clad in genuine ten-gallon hats, bolo ties and boots presented an unmistakably authentic image. Yep, this is how role do it in Odessa, Texas’ Far West Center.

Echols Not Finished Yet: Both Middles Take It to the Max
January 19, 2007
This weekend didn’t feature anything juicy on cable, but a decent fight was offered for free on Friday—provided you have a high-speed Internet connection—by the website

Santa Cruz Survives Fright: Entertaining Lighweight Gets Back on the Right Road
January 12, 2007
If lightweight Jose Armando Santa Cruz was expecting a gimme against Luis Arceo on Telefutura’s inaugural card of 2007, it must’ve been a rude awakening when he got dropped hard at the end of the first with a murderous right hand.

Huerta Can Still Dish Out Some Hurt: The Mexican Lightweight’s Comeback Continues
January 5, 2007
Telefutura closed another solid year with their 50th televised card, featuring lightweights Antonio Ramirez and Miguel Angel Huerta from Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois.

Get real, lennox?
Gibbs’ defeat by Miranda Is No Fluke
December 22, 2006
HBO’s series Boxing After Dark, once the best thing going on cable TV, ended a disappointing 2006 with a bang—of sorts. Viewers were treated to two remarkable knockouts from Miami, Florida’s Miccusukee Resort & Gaming; one expected, the other shocking.

Punch-Perfect Moorer: Ex-champ Begins Comeback in Style
December 15, 2006
It’s been my lot this year to cover some of the lamest boxing pay-per-views known to man. Since sarcasm and cynicism come as easily to me as devouring chocolate sundaes, I don’t especially mind.

Mario Santiago, A Featherweight To Watch
December 15, 2006
The last installment of ShoBox for 2006 took place at a regular haunt of theirs, Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, CA. Featherweight Mario Santiago, another familiar friend of the Showtime series catering to prospects, made his third appearance on the broadcast.

Soliman’s All Mine: What’s Not to Love About the Eqyptian-born Aussie?
December 15, 2007
If middleweight Sam “King” Soliman became a staple on ShoBox, I wouldn’t mind one bit. And that’s saying something, considering I’m a nut for KO artists.

Stevens Gets His Revenge: Good Night fo Promoter DiBella as All Three of His Prospects Win Comfortably
December 1, 2006
Promoter Lou DiBella was grinning ear to ear at the conclusion of his last Broadway Boxing show for 2006. Three of his better prospects—Curtis Stevens, Edgar Santana and Jaidon Codrington—all came away with wins.

Keeping It Real: KEA Promotions Does a Good Job
November 24, 2007
In the resurgent fight scene in the Tri-State area, KEA promotions has been playing its part in Whippany, New Jersey. The cards at Birchwood Manor lack the gaudy prospects showcased in Lou DiBella’s Broadway Boxing series; there’s less bling inside and outside the ropes—you know you’re west of the Hudson.

Time To Unleash Pavlik: Time to Find Out Just How Good This Kid Is
November 10, 2006
Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik, the extremely tall, broad-shouldered, athletic middleweight promoted by Talk Rank should finally get unleashed in 2007. If he turns out to be as genuinely good as he has looked against soft opposition, Jermain Taylor might be in for a long night—or a short one.

Julio’s Shaky Return: The Once Can’t-Miss Prospect Has to Climb off Floor
November 3, 2006
2006 has been a disastrous year thus far for the New Jersey-based promotional company Main Events. Their long-time Atlantic City cash-cow Arturo “Thunder” Gatti was annihilated by Carlos Baldomir—maybe he’s got one farewell fight left in him.

I Won’t Be Fooled Again: The Sham That Is the Tyson Tour
October 27, 2006
Pay Per View TV sunk to new depths when it broadcast Mike Tyson’s four-round exhibition match against Corey “T-Rex” Sanders, live from the Chevrolet Centre in Youngstown, Ohio.

Nobody’s Journeyman: Jesus Soto-Karass Is a Breath of Fresh Air
October 27, 2006
The fans in Cicero, Illinois, and those watching on Telefutura, were treated to a good old fashioned Mexican slugfest between welterweights Jesus Soto-Karass and Michel Rosales.

Luevano Standing Still: This Californian Feather Won’t Go Much Further
October 20, 2006
With his recent win over Baudel Cardenas in Nogales, Arizona, featherweight Steven Luevano moved to 32-1 (14). He should be a groomed contender ready for his title shot, right?

Shobox Middleweight Touney’s 2nd Installment
October 13, 2006
In the most recent installment of ShoBox’s super middleweight tourney, American LaFarrell Bunting made the most of an opportunity, filling in on four day’s notice for injured Sakio Bika. He TKO’d Colombian Jose Luis Herrera at 1:20 of the 5th round.

This Giant Is For Real: Man Mountain Valuev Retains WBA Belt Against Barrett
October 13, 2006
When you know you’re going to write about Nicolai “The Russian Giant” Valuev in his HBO debut, you start racking your brain for clever put-downs and quips. It’s not too hard, really. You could go after the Chewbaca-like fur that covers his body.

The Little Rascal Wins Again: Mexican Mauler Jorge Arce Bangs His Gloves Together and Goes to Work
September 29, 2006
A popular pastime of American boxing writers is giving the business to HBO Boxing. Many argue that the self-proclaimed “Heart & Soul of Boxing” is, in fact, just the opposite: a primary culprit in holding this beleaguered sport back.

Bad Boy Looks Good: Sugar Shay Plays with Hapless Late Sub
September 9, 2006
If you were on the first season of The Contender, got eliminated early, and left a trail of enemies in your wake, you might get to fight the same night as Sergio Mora and Alfonso Gomez recently did, but you wouldn’t be showcased on Friday Night Fights with them.

Mora’s For Real: Impressive Win Books Possible Title Chance
September 1, 2006
On a reality TV-studded card, The Contender champ Sergio “The Latin Snake” Mora fought an intelligent ten rounds against middleweight Eric Regan. In earning a UD by scores of 98-92 and 97-93 twice, Mora, now 19-0 (4), put himself in position for a high profile fight, possibly against the division’s kingpin Jermain Taylor.

Good Learner For Wills: Hollywood Heavyweight Hope Passes Test
August 25, 2006
As Friday Night Fights winds to a close—September 1 is the season finale—this show at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California, was eagerly anticipated. Vassily Jirov would be making his comeback at crusier, having had mixed results at heavy.

Segura Will Liven Things Up: A 112-Pound Brutal Free Swinger
August 25, 2006
Lilliputians took center stage at Texas’ Pasadena Convention Center, which was broadcast on Telefutura. Mexican flyweight Giovanni Segura looked like a scaled down version of George Foreman.

Repeat Offender: Rahman Lives Up to His Reputation and Blows His World Title
August 18, 2006
Oleg Maskaev, a 37-year-old who saw his dreams of heavyweight glory evaporate after a series of knockout losses from 2000 to 2002, did the unthinkable at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas: he vanquished two big, stubborn men at the same time.

Anthony Starting To Sizzle: Lamont Peterson Was Supposed to Be the One Who Would go Far. But It Is His Kid Brother Who Is Scorching
August 18, 2006
Ever since Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis got it on in Memphis in 2002, the city has become a beacon for boxing. The now 19-0 (15) D.C.-native Anthony Peterson has become a regular in Elvis Presley’s backyard.

Harris Better Than Ever: Former WBA Light Welterweight Champion Roars Into Favor Again with a Show of Power and No Little Skill
August 4, 2006
Former WBA junior welterweight champ, “Vicious” Vivian Harris, put himself back in the hunt with a resounding performance on HBO’s Boxing After Dark. Never mind that the opponent was late replacement Stevie Johnston, a once-great lightweight champion whose skills have decidedly eroded.

Sugar Poo And Spice: ShoBox’s Super Middle Tourney Begins
August 4, 2006
ShoBox kicked off their super middleweight tournament at PFTC Sports Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The double-header featured a smorgasbord of international talent from France, Costa Rica, and the U.S.

Classic At The Hard Rock: A Superb Draw Between Two Up and Comers
August 4, 2006
The Seminole Hard Rock Arena in Hollywood, Florida, is fast becoming one of the hottest venues for boxing in the States (not including the big casinos in Las Vegas, of course).

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: Steven Lueveno, a Boyish but Far From Timid Featherweight
August 4, 2006
Californian featherweight Steven Luevano made a unique visit to the East Coast as the main even on Telefutura, and raised his record to 31-1 (14) by decisioning rugged Cristobal Cruz. Scores for the twelve-rounder were 115-110, 117-108 and 16-109

Now We Know This Mesquita Can Bite: Unknown Brazilian Buzzes Into America’s Living Room with a Show of Crude Power
August 4, 2006
Wednesday Night Fights, broadcast from The Hilton Hotel in Ontario, California, was a show filled with one oddity after another. The live telecast began by not beginning; it was held up an hour because no ringside physician had been called to supervise the bouts. Small oversight, huh?

Like Fine Wine: Old ‘Famoso’ Still Good
July 28, 2006
Coming off two tough losses, lightweight Carlos “Famoso”” Hernandez got back on track with a workmanlike performance on Telefutura. His opponent, Sean Plessis, is a good boxer with no power. He did his best but was generally overwhelmed by Hernandez’s ceaseless attack and old school tricks on the inside.

Sinclair Shattered: An Irishman’s Shocking Defeat, From a Punch That Didn’t Look Hard
July 21, 2006
Before they fought, underdog Jerome Ellis claimed the only thing he knew about Neil Sinclair was that he was getting knocked out. Brash words considering the Belfast bomber Sinclair once held the British welterweight title and even dropped Daniel Santos in a failed bid for the WBO welterweight strap.

Highway robbery?
A Slight Change of Heart After Initially Thinking Ben Rabah is Absolutely Appalling
July 14, 2006
Well before the IBF light welterweight title fight began between Juan Urango and Ben Rabah, the Friday Night Fights commentators prepared themselves and their viewers for a (potentially) bad decision.

Guinn Back To His Worst: Audley Conquerer Plods to Painful Defeat
July 7, 2006
Heavyweights enjoy the unique privilege of multiple chances at redemption. This is especially true when the division is as pitiful as it is today, and the next Lennox Lewis refuses to appear.

Roberto Benitez : The Reality of a Young Prizefighter Trying to Make It in the Game
July 2006
“Tear his fuckin’ hole open!” howls a hugely pregnant woman jumping to her feet.

The crowd at Tampa’s State Fairgrounds Hall follow suit, ducking and parrying shots, as the action in the main event climaxes.

Joachim Makes An Impression—Even On Winky: The Tall Haitian Star Proves He’s No Bluff, But Mesi Is Poor
June 30, 2006
For the last couple of years, the buzz about light-middleweight Joachim Alcine has reached hardcore American fight fans. But the vast majority of us hadn’t seen the Montreal-based boxer until the most recent installment of Friday Night Fights.

A Long, Slow Slog For Everyone: When, If Ever, Will David Diaz’s Career Take Off?
June 30, 2006
Telefutura’s lightweight clash between David Diaz and Chris Favela was the kind of fight you pray not to write about. It’s the roughest of assignments. A hard-fought, 12-round contest between willing combatants—that was completely devoid of drama and excitement.

You Can’t Knock Them All Out : Anthony Peterson Has to Settle for Points
June 23, 2006
Several times in the past year, brothers Lamont and Anthony Peterson have been packaged together on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights. These undefeated prospects are managed by Shelly Finkel and have compelling backgrounds that are hardscrabble even by boxing standards.

Malignaggi The Brave : NY’s Own Stands Up to Everything the Brilliantly Understated Cotto Can Dish Out
June 16, 2006
It was a story the New York boxing press happily got behind, and I’m as guilty as the next guy for buying into it. One of our own, Brooklyn’s Paul Malignaggi, would be taking center stage in the Big Room, Madison Square Garden.

No mercy on north broad st.
June 7, 2006
An ominous black cloud was forming over Manhattan and heading southwest. An early departure beat rush-hour traffic on the Jersey Turnpike to North Philly. The storm wouldn’t catch up until much later.

The Kiss Of Death : Berrio Sends Mack Back to the Ghetto With a Smacker
June 2, 2006
Should super-middleweight Alejandro Berrio unexpectedly plant a kiss on your forehead, get ready to duck: a debilitating punch is sure to follow. It’s the Colombian’s version of the Kiss of Death.

Rivera-Garcia: Right Out Of A Rocky Movie
May 12, 2006
Showtime Championship Boxing might have played second fiddle to The Golden Boy and HBO PPV, but they still put on the best, most competitive fights.

Sharmba’s Still Got The Moves : But Another World Title Looks Unlikely
May 12, 2006
When welterweight Sharmba Mitchell turned pro, Ronald Reagan was still in office—the 35-year-old has been paying the bills with his fists for half his life. Some may remember him for his last two losses, TKO 3 to Kostya Tszyu in 2004 and TKO 6 to Floyd Mayweather, Jr. last November.

Brownsville, Brownsville…: But Menacing Ghetto Chant Doesn’t Scare the Squirrel
May 5, 2006
“A funny thing about people,” legendary matchmaker Johnny Bos said after the April 20th installment of Broadway Boxing. “They have pride in the neighborhood where they’re from, the city from they’re from, the state where they’re from...”

Waifs And Strays : The Peterson Brothers—Lost Boys Who Were Found
May 5, 2006
The Peterson brothers, Lamont and Anthony, have a story anybody would be touched by. As children they were abandoned by their parents and forced to fend for themselves on Washington, D.C.’s mean streets.

Oscar De La Hoya Blogs
April 20-May 1, 2006
Entry 1: On May 6, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, I’m taking on Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga. He has the WBC junior middleweight belt, but soon he’ll be looking for a new one to hold up his pants.

Manuel Medina: The Peter Pan Of Boxing : Remarkable Medina Dances Way to Easy Win
March 31, 2006
On March 24th, at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, super featherweight Manuel “Mentacas” Medina improved his record to 67-14 (31 KOs) by thoroughly outclassing Javier Alvarez over 12 rounds. The victory earned him the right to face IBF champion Marco Antonio Barrera in his next title defense.

Edgar Santana Steps Up
March 13, 2006
Lou DiBella’s “Broadway Boxing” series isn’t about giving fans great fights. It showcases his stable, builds a local fan base, and pads records. They’re regularly matched with used up pugs or under-skilled beginners.

Countdown To Showtime
February 27, 2006
Brownsville super middleweight Curtis Stevens readies himself in a spare dressing room at the Manhattan Center in New York.

House Of Gatti Still Standing After Weathering Storm
January 29, 2006
With swollen shut eyes, a broken right hand, and a dehydrated, cracked voice, Arturo Gatti said he would’ve retired had he lost to Thomas Damgaard. But since he didn’t, stopping the Dane at 2:54 of the 11th with a debilitating left hook, Atlantic City’s beloved cash cow was feeling rather optimistic Saturday night.

Pay per screwed: live from the tropicana!
January 28, 2006
Milling around the Tropicana Casino showroom Friday night, waiting for the first bout to begin, I had a hard time accepting I was in Atlantic City to cover a “PPV” card.

Press Conference Brawl Postponed: Toney & Rahman Saving It For Fight
January 12, 2006
It was a kindler, gentler version of James Toney and Hasim Rahman that showed up at Manhattan’s Tavern on the Green last Tuesday. They were in town to promote their March 18th bout for the WBC strap, which was given to Rahman when the former titlist, Vitali Klitschko, suddenly retired.

Jeff Lacy Blogs
December 6, 2005—March 1, 2006
Entry 1: Hey guys, I’m Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy and I’m the reigning IBF and IBO super middleweight champion of the world. I’ve defended my title four times since last year against some pretty rough customers, but I assure you, I’m just getting started.

Atlas At The Controls
December 26, 2005
A chill December wind drove everyone at the ribbon cutting ceremony deep into their down coats and fur-lined gloves. All but a resolute Teddy Atlas, who wore nothing but a thin, half-zipped leather jacket.

The Mike Anchondo Project
December 15, 2005
They write you off quickly in this game. Regardless of past achievements, you’re only one bad outing from gutless, soft, unskilled, overhyped. The sterling record you struggled to create is re-evaluated. Press clippings hailing your arrival are retracted. If you’re a handsome, glib golden boy, like “Mighty” Mike Anchondo, the scrutiny’s worse.

A Legendary Night, Jersey Style
December 7, 2005
When we spotted the Ringside Lounge in Jersey City, we knew the club show couldn’t be far away. A decision was made that after the fights we’d grab a couple beers at the boxing bar. Little did we know what the place had in store for us.

Can ian gardner get a little respect?
November 18, 2005
The middleweight Ian Gardner is a very friendly person, and yet most people in boxing refer to him as “nasty,” “ugly,” and “a real stinker.”

Andre Rozier Is Wreaking Havoc
November 10, 2005
Last Friday night the unthinkable happened to one of Andre Rozier’s protégés. Super middleweight Jaidon Codrington, the brightest prospect in New York, was knocked out in 18 seconds by Allan Green. It was supposed to be his unveiling before a national audience on ShoBox, but instead the 9-0 boxer-slugger found himself unconscious for roughly three minutes.

A King’s Ransom
October 31, 2005
You would have felt queasy, too, standing in the paparazzi-stuffed banquet hall at the New York Hilton yesterday morning. It was a 30-minute photo-op given shortly before the Friars Club roast for boxing promoter Don King.

Have gloves, will travel: Yuri foreman’s boxing quest
October 21, 2005
Junior middleweight Yuri Foreman is planning on a sweet New Year. In keeping with Jewish tradition, he ate apples with honey on Rosh Hashanah—the sweetness symbolizing good things to come. If he dispatches Troy Lowry in Hollywood, FL this Friday, raising his record to 19-0, he’ll be off to a good start.

“Mean” Joe Greene Spectacular In Strong Island
September 19, 2005
Technically, middleweight “Mean” Joe Greene wasn’t in the featured bout at Long Island’s Huntington Town House last Thursday, but he left little doubt as to who was the true main event—or the fighter with the most brilliant future.

Pawel Wolak Brings His Lunch Pail
September 15, 2005
There’s nothing delicate or flashy about the Polish-American junior middleweight Pawel Wolak, who expects to up his record to 8-0 tonight at a club show in Huntington, Long Island.

Guillermo Jones: The Incredible Growing Man
September 9, 2005
The average American gains one to two pounds a year throughout much of adulthood. Thus, a 23-year-old male college graduate might set out into the world looking like a streamlined welterweight, but a decade later—after having a couple kids, reporting to a sedentary desk-job, and logging in major couch-time watching SportsCenter—finds himself a fleshy super middleweight.

Milton Lacroix: 20 Years To An Overnight Success
August 26, 2005
Eureka moments. We all know of Newton’s apple or the implications of Ben Franklin’s kite getting struck by lightning. Boxing trainer Milton LaCroix’s great revelation came about 20 years ago, when a girlfriend he was arguing with slapped him so hard and swiftly across his face, he had no idea what had happened.

The Chin Checkers Handle Their Bidness
August 5, 2005
Although Lou DiBella’s Broadway Boxing is essentially a showcase for the young talent in his stable, during the “padding” stage of their careers before they graduate to better opposition and exposure on, say, ShoBox, it’s one of the best times you can have in the Big Apple with your clothes on.

Opposites Will Clash Tonight At Broadway Boxing
August 4, 2005
New York, August 4—Light heavyweight Jason Quick finds himself in the unenviable position of being “Chin Checker” Curtis Stevens’s latest opponent tonight at Lou DiBella’s Broadway Boxing show at the Manhattan Center on 34th Street.

From Ghana To Gleason’s: The Journey Of Kwame Asante
August 2, 2005
“The moon travels slowly, but it crosses the town.” This Ghanaian proverb belonging to the Akan people, accurately describes one of their own, boxing trainer Kwame Asante.

John Duddy Presents Mr Hyde
June 10, 2005
Had you only seen the Irish middleweight John Duddy sparring in Gleason’s Gym, and never caught one of his pro fights, you wouldn’t give him a second look.

Cotto Does The Bronx
June 5, 2005
Yesterday, at the 152 Street Festival in the Bronx, Miguel Cotto put on a public workout before hundreds of his adoring Puerto Rican fans. The jr. middleweight—er, I mean, jr. welterweight— shadowboxed, hit the mitts for about eight rounds and did a bit on the speed bag, all to the rhythms of salsa blaring through large speakers and chants of “Cotto! Cotto! Cotto!”

Toney Eats Up Ruiz
May 1, 2005
New York, April 30—When Michael Buffer finally announced the scores and boomed, “And new…!” a fiftyish gentleman sitting next to me looked toward the heavens and exclaimed, “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

Broadway Boxing’s Chin Checkers
April 30, 2005
Jaidon “The Don” Codrington (8-0, 8 KO’s) made easy work of Etienne Whitaker (32-16-2, 21 KOs), knocking out the Ohio opponent at 1:44 of the 1st round. Whitaker was caught with a perfectly timed short left hook and was unable to stand for several minutes. Before connecting, Codrington softened up Whitaker with a vicious body attack.

Englishman Carl Froch’s Unlikely Debut On HBO…Latino?
April 22, 2005
Last night, in Hollywood, California, HBO Latino’s “Boxeo d’Oro” featured super middleweight British import Carl Froch, who defies the stereotype of the European fighter as being stiff and robotic.

Gatti-Mayweather Presser: Lightning But No Thunder
April 21, 2005
New York, March 23--On a dreary, rainy day in which the boxing press and various industry bigwigs gathered at the Copacabana on 34th St. expecting to see “Thunder,” in the form of WBC Super Lighweight champ Arturo Gatti, the fighter did not appear at his own press conference for his June 25th HBO Pay-Per-View showdown against Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Tito’s back!
Trinidad Stops Mayorga In A Brutal Beatdown

October 3, 2004
New York, Oct. 2—Waiting for middleweights Felix “Tito” Trinidad and Ricardo Mayorga to take the stage Saturday night tested your patience. The Don King undercard was long and boring.

“Broadway Boxing” Presser At Gallagher’s: Including Q & A with Jaidon “The Don” Codrington
September 29, 2004
DiBella Entertainment held a presser Tuesday at Gallagher’s Steakhouse to hype the next installment of Broadway Boxing, which will be held this Thursday night at the Manhattan Center.

Dibella Serves Up “Home Cooking” In Brighton Beach
September 15, 2004
Last night, in his 19th pro bout, undefeated jr. welterweight Dmitriy Salita finally got a chance to play the role of homecoming king in front of his adoring fans (many of whom could be identified by their yarmulke’s, black hats and wooly beards) at Brighton Beach’s Atlantic Oceana.

Exclusive Interview With The One And Only Gil Clancy: Part 1 of a 5-part Series
July 7, 2004
As his wife, Nancy, led me to the den where Gil Clancy was waiting for me, I half-expected to find him wearing a tuxedo, or at least a sharp tie and jacket with the CBS Sports logo on the front.

Resto's redemption
June 25, 2004
Boxing went out the window in the 5th round as the two combatants traded on the ropes. The ref took a point away from Warrick for holding; seconds later Resto lost a point for a low blow. Warrick, the brawnier of the two fighters, bulled Resto into the ropes—a position he fought from for the majority of the bout, as he seemed to lack the upper-body strength to turn his foe.

One On One With Juan “Pollo” Valenzuela
June 13, 2004

He was fearless and brash and exhibited a chutzpah not seen since “Prince” Naseem was somersaulting into the ring: After delivering a combination, he’d sometimes drop his gloves, turn towards the crowd, and provocatively pump his hips.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.-DeMarcus Corley Press Conference
May 20, 2004
He was disappointingly blingless today; while he was decked out in Sean Jean sweats and had diamond-encrusted gold dog tags hanging from his neck, he looked naked without his mid-six figure, hubcap-size gold and diamond watch.

One on One with Chris Smith
April 22, 2004
When I won the title, I fought on a Thursday and I was back to work that Friday, the next day.  I had gotten head-butted, I was bruised, swollen, my hands was damaged.  I'm talking about putting in your time, I did it.

Heavyweight Implosion at Hammerstein Ballroom!
April 15, 2004
Wearing black trunks with a gold Star of David on the front, the crowd responded to Greenberg before he even stepped foot in the ring.

Interview With Jr. Middleweight Spoiler Grady Brewer
March 27, 2004
Performing his role favorably, the boxing industry counts on tough guys like Brewer to challenge but lose to fighters going to higher places.  However, lately, Brewer has become . . . undependable in his role.

Fight Night In Gotham
February 1, 2004
Reyes employed a stick-and-move blueprint borrowed from Cory Spinks’ triumph over Ricardo Mayorga last December: Something genuine fight fans admire, but is lost on the kind of Philistines who watch stock car racing solely for the accidents.

Bos Knows Boxing
November-December, 2003

In an uncharacteristic moment of braggadocio, Bos downs his Coke, wipes his sleeve across his mouth and says: "If you look at it, I worked in developin' more world champions than anybody else in the history of boxing. If you wanna call it braggin', fuck it! I'm just bein' honest."

Whole Lotta Soul: Tokunbo Olajide's Got It
December, 2003
In his teens, sparring with the big gloves, the cagey counter-puncher threw technically perfect punches that short-circuited whatever they touched: as a result, one seasoned pro, who had just been released from prison, had his electricity turned off for ten minutes.

Heavyweight Gainers: Tua-Rahman II
March 30, 2003
The 11th went to Tua, just barely, because he inflicted more damage on the hibernating Rahman who seemed more interested in pawing at a cut above his right eye than he was in hurting his adversary.

Blitzkrieg In Hanover: Klitschko Bombs On HBO
March 9, 2003
“Wladimir Klitschko seems so perfect you wonder what's wrong with him," HBO's Larry Merchant mused just before the opening bell sounded.

Tyson Tattoos Etienne!
February 23, 2003
Training and sparring all day has the effect of mellowing the would-be nutcase/pugilist; it exorcises the demons, if only temporarily. One could say "the real world" is no place for guys like these; it's fraught with too many temptations, responsibilities, choices and ambiguities.

Flags Dip For Cincinnati Kid
February 17, 2003
The American demonstrated an impressive defense rarely seen in such a young fighter; angling his body or moving his head just so, he rarely got hit flush. Still, he absorbed more punishment in this fight than in all his other pro bouts combined.

Joey Gamache: Little Big Man
Jan. 30 - Feb. 5, 1997
Gamache doesn't blame defeat on anybody but himself. And when it comes to success in the ring, he is self-effacing. He says in an almost practiced manner, like a mantra he delivers in front of the bathroom mirror every morning, "I'm not a great fighter, but a good one.


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